Torriano Junior School Gatehouse

During my studies at the University of Westminster I was lucky enough to gain work experience at Edward Cullinan’s Studio, now named Cullinan Studio. It was my second foray into Architecture, unlike Swansea Council this was a a commercial Architecture Practice with a lot of history and fantastic projects behind it – all led by Ted and his excellent team.

The team were very welcome and looked after me during the month I was there, I shadowed a project called Torriano Junio School Gatehouse where I built a physical model. I am by nature a computer geek – so building a physical model by hand was something I was scared to do – who knows, I may be rumbled! In the end it turned out well, and my month there was fantastic. On my leaving day they gave me their studio’s book of complete works to that date. I still have the book in my personal library and it reminds me of the exciting time working at their Islington studio feeling out of my depth!

Torriano Junior School Gatehouse

The Gatehouse’s location provides a bridging point between the public realm and the school. Each side of the building has a different function.

The project aims to develop strong partnerships with parents, the local community and stakeholders by increasing the range of activities and providing extended services. The hall on the first floor can be split into two smaller spaces to accommodate different sized groups and the school’s vibrant range of musical and theatrical pursuits. The ground floor area invites parents and visitors to congregate around the building, where benches with integral planting manage changes in level across the site.