Interactive Virtual Models

“The way in which we visualize architectural design, its component parts, how it works and how it might be used, has a strong bearing on the built environment we create and inhabit. Emerging tools for design visualization are changing the practice of design itself.” (Whyte, 2002)

Architectural visualisation communities consisting of 3D modellers, architects and even computer game enthusiasts are agglomerating both on-line and off-line to discuss the creation of new interactive virtual models and their potential role in the architectural design process. As awareness has grown the CG Architect 3D Awards in 2008 opened a new award category for the emergent technology known as ‘Real-Time 3D Models’ or ‘Interactive Virtual Models’. Since 2008, the technology behind interactive virtual models has been moving at an extremely fast pace.

Interactive virtual models share attributes associated with virtual reality and digitally created environments. Much like a computer game, the viewer can interact and move around a model of a building. Interactive virtual models are currently being designed to run on a desktop computer, allowing the user to experience architectural proposals from a first person perspective using a mouse and keyboard to navigate the virtual environment.
In this dissertation we aim to examine and understand how interactive virtual models (IVMs) can be used as part of the design, production and marketing of the built environment.

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