Architects Benevolent Society

Dedicated to helping the wider Architecture Profession

Why I am an Ambassador

“Architects come from all walks of life and have overcome obstacles along the way. It is a very hard journey along the path of Architecture. I have been there as a student, 3am with no sleep and the printer is jammed. Stressful? Yes! Memories of trying to enter the job market as a Part I with no experience during recession. Worrying? Definitely. The thrill of your first job in industry? Amazing!

Working in architecture has its ups and downs.  We all love the industry for different reasons, however whether it is external events or problems within practice sometimes it can feel like the odds are against you and leave you feeling an anxious. Sometimes we all need a little help or would like the support of someone else who is familiar with the industry, even if it is just someone to talk to. That’s what I love about the ABS and how they help the industry.

My experience in Architectural practice and Architecture Recruitment has given me an insight to both internal and external factors which can influence the quality of life for an Architect, I am thrilled to be an Ambassador for the ABS and part of the collaborative effort to promote the wellbeing of Architects, Assistants, Technologists, Landscape Architects and their families, in times of need.”

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