Aeolian Tower

In third year of my Architecture degree at the University of Westminster we helped Jason Brudge Studio build the Aeolian Tower.

The Aeolian tower – which means moved by the wind – was a 15m steel structure located next to Waterloo Bridge, erected as part of onedotzero’s Festival.

The tower was covered by 1200 tiny wind-powered LEDs; each one made of a plastic turbine, controlling circuits and three red LEDs. As wind blew over the tower, swirling patterns of light reveal the strength and direction of the breeze. A gentle wind of about 3mph (4.8kph) is needed for the lights to reach full brightness. The particular location was chosen because of the complex wind patterns that come off the River Thames and the bridge.

Aeolian Tower demonstrated how renewable energy can be used to power sustainable art and design and by visualising the invisible, drew attention to how much energy is freely available but is not being used.

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